OC Noob in need of help

Okay, I'm trying to get familiar with OC'ing before i build my new $1700 computer.

My current build is as follows:

Mobo: MSI MS7267 (945G Chipset)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4GHz
RAM: Kingston 2GB DDR2 667 (PC2 5300)

I've been reading a lot of OC'ing forums lately to grasp a general knowledge on the "old school" overclocking method (BIOS based). So far, I've succesfully OC'd my 2.4 to a 2.63 GHz stable OC without adjusting voltages. what i've done so far is adjust my FSB speed if i'm correct in saying so. Though I'm having problems pushing my CPU speed further than the previous stated OC and also can't find the voltage values to edit in my BIOS. Is OC'ing just something not supported by my Mobo, or am i going about this the completely wrong way?
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    if you can't find any voltage settings in same area where you are pumping up the FSB, you might not be able to on your board. - Although that is weird,,,
    from what i understand the 5000 series core 2 & up are better at o/c
    another thing to try is to drop some of your memory multiplier and increase the FSB a bit more,, you could be maxing your memory as that is linked to FSB as well.
  2. can't find the MB above, but did find this tidbit

    MSI Reminds You...
    • According to the Intel North Bridge 945GC chipset spec, this board supports CPU of FSB 800MHz at maximum by default . However, you may let your board running at FSB 1066MHz (Core 2 Duo CPUs) by overclocking and adjusting the CPU FSB frequency in the BIOS:
    Enter BIOS setup menu and go to [Frequency/Voltage Control] --> [Adjust CPU FSB Frequency]. There you can adjust the value to [266] for the Core 2 Duo E63XX/E64XX/ E66XX/E6700 CPUs. Please be noted that this is over-spec, and this overclocking behavior is not recommended and guaranteed.
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  4. PS if you are building a new computer, this way of overclocking is no longer valid with the sandy bridge chipsets -- just get K series and increase multiplier
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