Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 won't boot plz help

Hi everyone I am building myself a new core i7 pc and giving my old Gigabyte GA-x48-DQ6 to my sister problem is about 2 days ago it was working but now it has a very strange problem I have build alot of computer but never had a problem like this. ok problem is that when I try to power up the computer while I have the 8 pin 12v power cord pluged into it nothing in my computer starts up not the fans or hard drives ect... but if I take the 8 pin 12v power cord off my motherboard lights, computer case fans, hard drive cd rom drive ect... only thing that start up and then after 2 sec turns off is the intel cpu fan remember this only happens if I have the 8pin 12v power cord off the motherborad if its on it nothing will turn on I am going crazy trying to find out if its my mortherborad or my cpu that fryed. I have also change power supply and case and the same thing keeps happening I have also taeking the battery off the motherborad for 2 hour and nothing plz someone help I am going crazy trying to find out how to fix it or which one to rma thanks
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