Help with overclock on x58-UD3R i7 920 combo..need ideas? on/off prob?

In my first attempt to overclock this x58 ud3r combo upon first restart the my computer just kept turning on and shuting off repetitively. I couldn't even get back to the bios and had to reset the CMOS which got me back to square one. After reapplying my previous stable settings which was basically all stock with my memory timings set to their specs it's fine now. All I did, and this wasn't even aggressive, is to change my qpi to 32x, my uncore mulitplier to its lowest frequency, changed my ram back to 1066 which is going from 2x12 to 2:8. I kept my DRAM voltage at 1.5 which is what my ram is rated for and never touched the vCORE which was stock @ ~1.3 and my other voltages were not touched. I disabled turbo boost and as a first step increased the BSCLK by only 10mhz from 133 to 144 and upon reboot is where it just kept on cycling on to off.

I'm not sure what my next approach should be and was wondering if anybody had any ideas with experience or who is familiar with this board in overclocking it? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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  1. hay man i have the ex 58 ud4 board ther close to the same i found using the gigabyte turbo boost was pretty dodgey just overclock from the bios there are a couple of videos on you tube of how to ovwerclock it from the bios a question thou wat type of power supply do u have i have my sytem o/c to 4.6 ghz stable with temps ony sitting on 55 degress air cooled

    ex58 ud4
    i7 920
    thermal take ultra 120 extreme heatsink
    antec 900 case
    6gb corsair 1600 mhz ram
    1500 watt antec power supply
    2 x 500g samsung hdds
    2 x xfx gts 250 core edition 1 gb each card in sli
    xfi fatalty
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