Powerd on but nothing happens.

intell q6600.
asus p58 mx
2x corsair value select vs1gb533d2 g RAM
8600gt silent 512mb
windows 7 ultimate x64

samsung syncmaster 206 bw. (display)

when i power it on i get no video output. non whatsoever, i tried letting my display search for input.

so then i pulled out the graphics card and connect the display to the vga output on the motherboard. this did nothing.
so then i pulled out the batterie in an attempt to erase the cmos. still nothing.

i have no clue what this could be and i really need the computer.

thanks in advance.
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  1. If the machine is not posting, re-check your electrical connections, power cord to the PSU and 20/24 pin MOBO plug and the 4-pin CPU plugs.

    If the machine is posting (beep/post codes) and fans spinning, shut it down, unplug the PSU at the wall.

    Take out the battery. Find the CMOS reset jumper (usually near the BIOS chip) and reset CMOS. Wait a few minutes. Move the CMOS jumper to its original position. Re-install battery. Plug in the power cord. Re-start the machine. Press DEL key to enter BIOS. Click on ASUS P-5B MX to download BIOS updates and drivers.

    I hope it works for you.
  2. i have tried everything you said there except moving the jumers.
    becouse i thought that it would reset a lot of settings that i don't want reset...
    can it do any harm when i will replace it anyway? (will the RAM save the wrong settings for example?)

    i bought a new motherboard

    thanks a lot!
  3. Did it fix the problem?
  4. don't know... its coming in monday :kaola:
  5. xblaauw said:
    i have tried everything you said there except moving the jumers.
    becouse i thought that it would reset a lot of settings that i don't want reset...
    can it do any harm when i will replace it anyway? (will the RAM save the wrong settings for example?)

    i bought a new motherboard

    thanks a lot!

    Resetting the CMOS jumper won't harm any of your hardware; it will only reset the BIOS to its default settings, it won't change any of your other hardware defaults (e.g., SPD in the RAM). After a successful CMOS reset, you would have to make necessary changes to the BIOS settings for your hardware. For example, on my DFI boards, I have to reset the HDDs to RAID from the default IDE settings to boot to the OS. So, depending on the number of changes you want from the default BIOS settings, you would have to enter the BIOS and enter them.
  6. well i replaced the motherboard and bought a new graphics card (hd4670 club 3d.
    now when i turn it on it gives me 3 blips in a row and still refuses to give me any sort of image...
    im sure all is connected well except for the power on led, hdd led, power on switch, reset switch.

    my first thought would be that my ram is incompatible.
    any other things that might be wrong?
  7. The link to your new motherboard is not working.....You might check the RAM's compatibility with your new board (in the manual, or better yet, on the website). If it's not on the QVL, get some that is. If it is on the QVL, try booting with one stick. If it doesn't boot, try the other stick. If that doesn't work, RMA both of them. It does sound like the RAM is the problem.
  8. http://www.asrock.com/MB/overview.asp?Model=P45TurboTwins2000

    i don't know 100% sure it is compatible...
    in the manual there is a lot of stuff about setting jumpers for different fsb settings
    in the manual it sais that it is compatible with ddr2 667, 800, 1066 but not 533.
    someone on toms hardware told me that that was not a problem. but im starting to think that he ment the other way around. (ram faster then motherboard)

    what is RMA and wy does it still refuse to give me any sort of video on the screen? i thought a motherboard + a video card can produce the bios on the screen...

    thanks a lot again!
  9. You fixed the link, thanks. I didn't realize your board has DDR2 and DDR3 RAM slots, verify that your RAM is in the DDR2 (yellow) slots. Let's leave the FSB jumpers alone for now, they are there to lock the RAM frequency when you are trying to overclock the CPU - we are not doing that, we are trying to get your board to POST. Confirm the the jumpers are in the default positions shown on page 29 of your manual.

    This is the link to the Qualified Vendors List for RAM for your board. The QVL is the RAM that Asrock tested and found compatible with your board. Other RAM may work, but you have no assurance that it will. Your RAM is not on that list - there is no 533MHz RAM listed, so it may not POST at all.

    Already suggested: Did you try booting the system with only one stick of RAM? Try it with the other stick? Results?

    Since your board is not tested for any 533MHz RAM, we do not know if the RAM is bad or not. You should get RAM that is on the QVL and try POSTing with the new RAM.

    RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization from the seller (or manufacturer) after you request it because the part is not working. Since your RAM isn't on the board's QVL, you don't know if the RAM is bad or not. Your seller may or may not authorize a return for credit or replacement (depends on the vendors' policies).

    Post your progress.
  10. i tried every RAM stick in both ports with no result.

    ill try to get my hands on some of that qvl RAM and see what happens.
    thanks again!

    is it possible for any motherboard to work with RAM slower then itself?

  11. You're welcome. I hope you get it running soon. If you're going to get new RAM, consider getting DDR3 if its within your budget.

    Your Q: I would think it possible, but I don't know. It seems that if the board has a native higher FSB than the RAM, then you would be overclocking the RAM just to POST - remember yours wouldn't. So if it POSTed, you might be able to change the memory divider or strap in the BIOS to get RAM back near its rated frequency.

    If you used, say one stick of compatible RAM to POST, you could enter the BIOS and do the same as above, save the BIOS settings, and shut-down. Disconnect the power cable from the wall or power strip. Insert the slower RAM, connect the power, and POST. OK, now don't tell anyone, but I'm not an engineer, this kind of stuff is my hobby. I enjoy the challenge of fixing and tweaking my friends' computers, assembling new-builds, overclocking them, modifying cases. I like the challenge of repairing computers with broken Windows, or that may be so broken that nothing happens when you power-on.
  12. Quote:
    now don't tell anyone

    you know this is the internet right?

    :P i really appriciate people helping out. once i got it all figured out ill try and help out some others with computer problems myself :)

    i ordered -- Kingston ValueRAM KVR1066D3N7K2/2G --
    because it was on the list.

    now lets hope it will gimme some love :D

  13. :o It's the internet? :o

    Just my lame attempt at humor :pt1cable: , probably lost some social skills somewhere along the way. :cry:

    You should see some performance gains from the DDR3.
  14. XD no its my lame humor... sorry for that, my friends seem to like it though.

    on topic.
    yeah i hope so!

    im not expecting it in before Christmas though :S

    Xander out.
  15. oke so i put in the new RAM and it worked! im posting this from the desktop!

    i also put on another fan on the cpu cooler making it 20 degrees celcius cooler =)
    for some reason it seems waay faster now. (more responsive) it was about 60-65 degrees before the new fan...

    new vid card works like a charm to =) so thanks a lot for all your help and good luck to you all =)
  16. Glad you got it working and you're welcome.
  17. now its saving time for some more RAM and another 4670 :P
  18. when looking at my triumphic computer i noticed this:

    wy is the RAM frequenty set to 533? is it multiplied? where can i see that?

    thanks in advance!
  19. It looks like your RAM bus is 533.3 MHz, and with the DRAM FSB Ratio =16:8, your RAM is clocking at 1066.6 MHZ.
  20. oooh thanks! >.<

    well man thanks for helping me out so much im gonne say good bey and farewell :)
  21. You're welcome.
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