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O.K. please just let me state that I ask that please no one tell me I just need to get a new PC. I know I need to but I am looking for the best option at what I can afford right now. I have an ASRock K7NF2-RAID Mobo and my AMD Sempron 3000+ died. I was wondering what CPU's you guys would recommend? I would also like to know if I could use any of the AMD XP-M processors in this MoBo. I am looking at OCing a little bit as I have a good HS and fan. I need this CPU kinda fast because I use it for school work and is the only PC I have that I can do my work on (On-line). I am at the library right now and will be checking on from my Wii LOL. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time. Oh I want a CPU with at least the same general performance (OC'ed or not) that I had with my Sempron 3000+. :pt1cable:
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  1. If you live near one, frys has the regor 240 retail boxed amd cpu with msi 6150se board for $49.99 after rebate. I'm using the motherboard now; picked up one with the 250 on black friday. It's plenty of power for a few $$. This deal is in stores only. For the cpu only, starmicro has several but they run slower than your 3000 socket a. The high end socket a cpus are generally on ebay, but not so cheap as the lower speed ones. Frys also has 4 gb of ddr2 for $65 after rebate if you want to upgrade. Also check your local craigslist for deals; you might get lucky. My local craigslist had a socket 754 board, cpu/heatsink, and 512 memory stick for $30 a few days ago.
  2. Well don't have a Frys anywhere even remotely close to where I live so that sux LOL. I can only spend about $65 total for the upgrade so the combo you were talking about is a no go. my Craigs list around here they are wanting $200+ for a 1ghz system with 128 mb of SD ram....that's a joke. Looking at the starmicro page and found a 3200+ (sorry if its not a link I have no idea how to do that) or was thinking about one of these on Ebay and Could someone tell me if there is a big difference between these? LOL also if someone could touch on the XP-M question that would be awesome as I have seen it work in some MoBo's but I can't find any documentation on my specific MoBo. Thanks again will get back soon =)

    **Edited to try and get links

    Also does the FSB and the Cache really make much of a difference?
  3. :hello: Bump =) Sorry just really needing this answered. Will listen to any opinions.
  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you'll be hard pressed to find anything that will drop into that board for less than $65. Its obsolete tech and there is a price premium for things like that. You might have better luck looking for someone with an old system that has a processor in it you can take. Otherwise I would look for a cheap motherboard and processor combo that you can swap out with what you have. Chances are you will need to buy some RAM as well though. Might be hard to keep that under $65 though. You could post a craigslist ad looking for older computers that you can cannibalize to build one out of, or steal the processor if it happens to be the right kind.
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