I5 2500k problems


So I'm at 4.6ghz at 1.36vcore, but most of the time, even while idling, cpuz reports higher than that. Up to .03 higher.
It's usually at like 1.376 or 1.368.
What do I do to fix this?
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  1. Load Line Calibration. NEEEEEEEEEEEXT!
  2. If your board has a Load Line Calibration setting, try the different options.

    Also remember that if your board has an Additional Turbo Voltage setting, it's adding that value onto the CPU voltage setting value.

    In any case, that tiny bit extra isn't really a problem. As long as you stay below 1.4v you're good to go for a long-term overclock.
  3. Thanks, I figured it was LLC.
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