Which gpu to run on coolermaster real power 460watt

my system info
amd athlon x2 7850 black edition processor
gigabyte mainboard ga-ma78gpm ds2h
kingston 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram
seagate 500 gb 32mb cache hard drive
cooler master real power pro 460watt psu
now i want to buy a mid range gpu (ati)
please suggest a good gpu that my psu fully support
and i don't want to upgrade my psu
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  1. a 4850 or 4770 unless you game under 1440 x 900, then can look into the 4670
  2. An HD 4830 or 4850 will be a good choice. But I think you need more power for the 4870's.
  3. 4870 will be fine on 460w.
  4. If you have (2) 6 pin connectors, which i doubt then go ahead but the 4870 minimum req. of that card is 500w at least. IMO get the 4850 or 4770.
  5. @jennyh

    Well i did see a review where they ran a 4870 on that PSU but they were trying to stress it on purpose. It did do it, they said it was ok, but for how long is the question. The readings they got said it wasn't being stressed but personally i agree with OvrClkr and wouldn't run anything above a 4850 on it either.
    I believe the PSU only has the one PCIE connection, so if it was meant to run a card which takes two it would have two...no ?

  6. The reason i posted is due to the fact that when you buy a video card you want to make sure you have a PSU with power to spare. You might encounter a nice lil bottleneck and then what? If you dont have the cash for a more powerful PSU, then stick with a video card that wont bog down your current PSU.

    Btw : Whats going on MACTRONIX???? Nice to see ya buddy!!!!
  7. ^ +1
    Couldnt agree more, personally a 4770 would be where i would be looking but performance wise its very tight with a 4850 so just go with whichever you can get a better deal on.

    @ OvrClkr,
    Not much going on im pulling night shift tonight :( good to see you to.

    Mactronix :)
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