DVD writer probs after rootkit infection and OS re-install.

Hi guys, hope you can help, this is driving me mad!

System is:

Dell Studio XPS 1645 i7 1.6ghz
Optiarc 7640s dvd writer
Dual boot install: Ubuntu 10 32bit and Win 7 64bit, all up to date
VSO Copy2DVD, Microsoft burning software, Nero and CDBurnerXP (all failing)

The problem is that the dvd writer is burning dud discs. They appear to burn ok, and the software will even report that the discs have burned correctly when asking it to perform a check after finalising. However, when I put the discs into any computer (includine the one that burnt the disc), it is either reported as blank or that the dvd writer is empty. When I use the built-in MS burning software, the process never finishes, it hangs at finalising and with 30 seconds to go. Using the MS DVDfix software is a waste of time (as usual!).

I can see that something has been burned onto the discs when I view the discs under a light source, and the writer was fine prior to the OS re-installation, burning all types of discs without a problem.

I am using the same discs, burner, OS and burning software as I used before, so no change there.

The reason I re-installed the OS was because I managed to gain a rootkit/virus, called TDSS rootkit, and the only way to get rid of it was to format the HD. This rootkit caused a shedload of damage, including messing with the MBR.

I have similar problems in Ubuntu when I burn discs, so it is presumably quite a deep problem. Also, the drive often fails to mount, or even show-up in Ubuntu.

Finally, the keyboard eject button no longer works properly, either in W7 or Ubuntu.

I am certain that it is not a hardware failure, nor a disc type problem, I think that the rootkit has changed something which got through a HD format. I have tried re-installing the dvd writer firmware, with no effect.

So, my questions are:

Could something like a rootkit survive a format?

Does a format destroy the MBR?

If it may not destroy the MBR, how can I make sure the HD is completely cleaned?

Does Ubuntu and Win7 use the same chipset dirvers?(I have a feeling that this is where the problem may reside)

If no, what does Ubuntu and Win7 share to make the DVD writer work?

Please, does anyone have any ideas at all?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Another question:

    Could a rootkit make permanent changes to my system, i.e. to the bios or firmware etc?
  2. Ok, I have just discovered that the writer will eject if I right click on it's icon and click on eject. The keyboard button does not work still!
  3. sounds like a coincidence to me.

    linux and windows pretty much share nothing.

    try one of those external usb burners if you can and see if it burns correctly
    (they cost about 25-40$) but maybe a friend has one laying around?

    a rootkit just affects windows. if you format and reinstall windows it should be clean.
  4. Re flash the bios then reinstall!
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