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When i connect my force3D HD4870 512mb to computer the computer won't boot all the fans just go mental and keep going at full rpm, and a red light appears on the back of the card near the power connectors, it is the second of four and it is labeled D601. What does this mean and what can be done about it? The rest of the computor works as i have connected an old graphics card (Ati X300) i had laying around to it and it all works using that.

I have a Q6600 at 3.0GHz on a Asus P5Q Pro Mobo, i have updated the bios to the newest.
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  1. What is your PSU?

    D601 is a critical temperature fault, which is strange given it happens at boot.
  2. My PSU is a corsair HX650W it used to power the system fine. I had a mobo fault witnh the onboard sound so i had to get a warrenty replacement everything is identical to before i changed the mobo so i was compleatly stumpted ive written to force3D but havn't had a reply yet. Thx for telling me what that light means but it has made things more confusing.
  3. For the card's critical temperature fault to trigger like that something has to be seriously wrong. Are you sure it is D601? The other lights represent power faults, two for the respective power plugs and one for a critical core power error. Somethig as simple as a loose connection can set off the other lights.

    How did the old MB die? Is it possible power may have surged to the GPU when it happened?

    For D601 to trigger at boot you'd have to either have to have the thermal sensor break, or totaly fubar the VRM causing incorrent voltage to be flying around. Even without the heatsink it wont fail immediately at boot unless your ambient temperature is massive.
  4. The old mobo died because i wired some speakers wrong in a hurry and the output of the speakers went to the oldput of the mobo and burnt out the onboard sound chip which was a bit thick :D

    It is deffently (soz i cant spell :( ) D601. From this picture it is in the top left of the white squares it is the second one down that says D601 by it that stays alight.

    I did think of the thermal senser may be broken which is telling the card its baddly overheating so it shuts its self down to avoid damage. Either way i guess i will have to get a replacement and Force3D still haven't replied and its been over a day :(
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