First time LC setup for HAF 932 i7 build-help with parts

I just recently purchased a i7 build and would like some advice on parts for the LC. It is my first time but I would like a CPU and GPU LC with the option to upgrade to NB etc.


HAF 932
i7 920
EVGA x58 3xSLI (Vanilla)
2x EVGA GTX275
6GB Mushkin Ram (3x2@1600MHz)
300GB Velociraptor
500GB Western Digital
1000W Corsair HX PSU

I don't really have a budget but please be reasonable. I am NOT willing to sacrifice performance for price. Also I do not want to mod anything on this case but am willing to have things mounted on the exterior of the case. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. I HAVE read the guide to install just need some help picking parts as the sites have so many to chose from.
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  1. You want to water cool the CPU and also both GPUs?

    You say you don't have a budget, but do you have some vague idea what you think it will cost?

    I'll guess around $500 if you are conservative.

    You'll need

    -A pump
    -A CPU block
    -2 GPU blocks
    -A reservoir
    -A radiator

    You can do a lot better posting this question here:
    Read the stickies first.
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