PC problem with any games played on it..

Whenever I play a game on my pc, regardless of what it is, it will lock up and loop w.e sound is playing for about 10secs then resume to normal game play. I have done several things to try and find the issue myself:

1. Formatted computer and installed the newest driver for sound, video, and cpu. Although i updated windows fully prior to the drivers.
2. Cleaned out my computer of dust.
3. Ran memtest86x for 14 hours with all passes.
4. Ran the sea gate HDD tester with pass on ever test (maxtor 100gb).
5. Went and bought a zalman cooler for my VGA card which keeps my card at 63 C with load (7600gt).
6. Took my hard drive and set it next to my ear while playing the game (lol) to hear any noises when the lockups occur.
7. Monitored the temp of cpu, gpu, HDD, and mb, all with normal temps (MB=47 c, HDD 43 C, CPU 44 C)
8.Bought a new power supply thermoltake i believe 600 watt, or 650.
9. Made sure the power settings were set to never for hard drive turn off in power management tab.
10. I know its not program related because if done the whole misconfig only load MS services and turn off everything else thing. Plus i just reformatted.
11. Tried the second pci-express slot on MB to see if it was the primary slot (i turned the chip over to single gpu so it would work, only ran at 8x but problem stilled occurred.)
12. Updated Directx.
13. Nothing is overclocked.
14. Windows event viewer is not picking any errors up in the system or application tab (any tabs actually.)

and that's about all if done. For system specs...

ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe board
2048 corsair (with heat sinks) 2xsticks 1gb each.
AMD 3800 x2 processor
Nvidia 7600gt


-that's the power supply link.

Also a side note: The last time I reformatted my HDD, my computer (2hours later) did the same thing though it wouldn't only just be with game play, playing music, browsing internet, and etc...I fixed it by replacing the SATA data cables to the hard drive, couple weeks later this started to happening that's why 2 out of the 11 steps were hard drive oriented. I figured it was an HDD problem at the start but after the hearing test and the seagate tests, i figured it was the gpu temp being it was 70 C under load (now 63 c with zalman cooler on it). Idk whats going on, which is why I am posting here...any Ideas? Thanks so much.
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  1. nothing? :( looks like its gonna have to be geek squad, those vampires.
  2. The link doesnt seem to work, who made your PSU and is there a chance that a background task is kicking in an tying up your CPU for a few seconds?
  3. You seem to be down to mobo or vid card, and you have suspected disk problem from the beginning. If I had to guess, and having had similar sounding intermittent failures on an evga board, its the mobo.

    You might try the vid card in another system, but I don't think that's necessary.
  4. Bah, you broke your PSU link. Anyway sounds like a power problem. Check your motherboard for any leaky capacitors first.
  5. Model
    Brand Thermaltake
    Model W0121RU
    Series Purepower
    Type ATX12V V2.0
    Maximum Power 600W
    Fans 1
    Main Connector 20+4Pin
    +12V Rails 2
    PCI-E Connectors 2 x 6Pin
    SLI Ready
    CrossFire Ready
    Power Good Signal 100-500ms
    Hold-up Time 17ms min.
    Efficiency > 70%
    Over Voltage Protection Yes
    Overload Protection Yes
    Input Voltage 115/ 230 V
    Input Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
    Output +3.3V@30A,+5V@30A,+12V1@14A,+12V2@15A,-12V@0.3A, +5VSB@2.0A
    MTBF >100,000 Hours
    Approvals CB, CE, UL, FCC, CUL, TUV
    Dimensions 5.9" x 5.5" x 3.4"
    Connectors 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
    1x 4+4-Pin ATX12V/EPS12V CPU Power
    9 x Peripheral
    4 x SATA
    2 x Floppy
    2 x PCI-E
    Features Complies with Intel ATX12V 2.0 specs
    Supports the latest Intel and AMD CPUs (Intel Core i7 & AMD Phenom II processors)
    Dual PCI-Express connectors for dual video cards
    Long-life, silent, stable 120mm fan
    Industrial grade protections: SCP, OPP, OCP, OTP, UVP
    High-efficiency, clean voltage rails

    that's the power supply details, how can i be certain its the power supply causing the problem?
  6. you know....the only different piece of hardware I have had recently is the power supply (older one has been making this noise for months.)...I think it may be the PSU because I never had troubles with the old one, I gonna try another sata power connector and If that doesn't work I am going to throw the old one back in and see whats up. Post back later. Thanks btw guys :D.
  7. Meh, its doing the same thing...any new suggestions?
  8. Mother board drivers. ( from the disc that came with the board or off the net ).

    If you're not using raid disable it in the bios.

    Do a bios update if you know how.

    AMD had an update for the dual cores a ways back. check their site. You may have to download and install 2 different things. Read info on AMD's site about it.
  9. I am REALLY hoping its not the mobo, i know it isnt the video card cuz I just plopped another in there and it does the same thing. This mobo is maybe just 2 years old (got it replaced) and these symptoms are roughly 2 months old.
  10. Ok the bios id updated, and I did diable raid in bios. I do have the amd duel core patch and I think I know about the other thing your talking about, ill get on that right now.
  11. It sounds like basic troubleshooting via swapping.

    It sounds like either your PSU, motherboard, or RAM.

    It's not impossible that it's sound chip or sound card related. If the problem occurs frequently, it's easier to troubleshoot.

    To troubleshoot sound:
    Disable onboard sound in BIOS and remove the sound card if there is one. You should have no sound now.

    Try running a benchmark program in a loop such as 3DMark2001se if it takes too long to get an error by playing a normal game.
  12. Well I did the driver stuff and it still occurs.

    Photonboy: I have already swapped the psu with the same error and will be swapping the ram and disabling onboard sound now.
  13. Do you "ANY" mods in "ANY" of the games you have loaded ? And are "ALL" the games patched with the latest updates ?
  14. K I swapped the ram with the older sticks (there good) and I turned off the onboard sound in the bios, but I am still getting the freezing then unfreezing situation. Anything else?
  15. Yup no mods in any games and are all fully updated, I play wow and just recently DOW 2 on steam. You have to be fully updated to even play those.
  16. I had a problem a lot of years ago with a board crashing every now and then. I ended up pulling the board and putting it back in. Never had a problem after that. Perhaps you have a short.... ? Kinda lame I know. And i had a problem recently with a p35 mother board. The only two things I did with that was pull it to put a different north branch cooler on and re-install it. This board no longer gives me problems either.

    I'm not sure what to suggest next except a bad board without having it here to mess with.
  17. Yea...I guess it can only be the board at this point, I'll be taking it to fry's electronics this week sometime, think i still have the warranty for it through them.
  18. Stoke of luck just occurred. When I took my computer to fry's electronics a while back I bought a 3 year warranty for the motherboard, so if it is the Mobo, it will be free :D :D. On the receipt it said jul 30 2006....LMAO way to make use of a warranty I say. Being that its the most expensive thing in the pc, any other costs are affordable.
  19. Good for you.
  20. K so I got a new motherboard, also had to get a new processor and ram sticks because apparently socket 939 is extremely outdated. Any way the reimbursed me 170 dollars from the mother board so I slapped down another 100 for everything else. Put all the parts in with windows, updates, drivers, and also updated bios. System is running good (typing this post on it now). Will be checking back in if the problem occurs again because then its for sure the HDD.
  21. K so can anyone relate to these temps with the asus m3n78-em motherboard. The temperature while playing a game is roughly 47 C, CPU is at 52 C. While on my old rig the temps were around 47 C for mb and 50 c for cpu. I already looked around a little and while these temps are on the warm side, are they something I should be worried about?

    Going to buy new fans sometime this week regardless, just still would like to know about these temps.
  22. HOORAY!

    Sorry, I don't do AMD :(
  23. K so got the new fans and my temps are 300% better. 34 for mb under load and 48 for cpu. lol they are very loud though. Anyway no probs so far, if it ever does occur I will know for sure its my hard drive.

    -thanks for everyone's help.
  24. Way to stick with it and get it figured out. Glad you're up and running again.
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