Antec Formula 7 Thermal Paste

has anybody used the Antec formula 7 thermal paste ? i find that the consistency is extremely thick thus making it difficult smear evenly onto the chip. when i smear it, i find it leaves openings within the application.

do you guys recommend i try to just let the heat sink smear on its own ? like just put the pea sized glop in the center and let the heat do its magic ?

or should i invest in another brand. one that is easier to apply.
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  1. Most of them have a stiff consistency. Wrap your finger in a piece of plastic wrap and spread the compound as evenly and as thin as you can on both the CPU as well as the heatsink. Then install the heatsink with even pressure (torque) on the fastening screws. This will be adequate. The thermal compound you have is fine.

    There are several posts and articles here regarding the proper application of thermal paste.
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