Phenom 2 x2 550 BE vs Phenom X4 9950 BE Who would win?

Who would win? The best Phenom II dual or the Best Phenom I Quad? My friend had been saying that his phenom 9600 is better than my 550 BE because it's a quad and I told him that my 550 beats the 9950 BE. I want to know if that's true. I remember seeing some benchmarks from AMD that prove me correct but I'm not sure.
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  1. In games 550 wins. In Quad optimized programs the 9600 will probably win. (except in quad optimized games the 550 seems to pull ahead of the 9600.

    As for the 9950BE it goes about the same, except multi-core games will probably see benefit from the 9950BE. If you OC the 550 you can surpass the 9950BE in games as well though. (as long as you get a good ~20% OC)
  2. cant compare.
  3. it everything but encoding type tasks the 550 will win out, its a far superior CPU in that respect. the only time the phenom is going to win out is when the two extra cores dominater the higher clcks andsuperior procesing power of the phenom ii.

    if he thinks his phenom is better, both of you should run a benchmarking program. that should shut him up ;)
  4. not at all 9950 runs amazing in my pc with everything
  5. That 550, being BE is very likely to be able to activate two more cores, MB and BIOS permitting.
  6. i take back what i said the 9950 sucks it is skippy now
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