Rampage II Extreme V.S. P6X58D Premium

Which one is better for gaming (CRYSIS), overclocking, and overall performance and quality? I am gonna crossfirex two 5870's.
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  1. The R2E has way more BIOS OC options ...also lets you use this.


    which, although my son bought primarily as a fan controller, I have found the display and OC features very useful.

    Using the R2E we're currently at a 24/265 OC @ 3.7 GHz (BCLK 177) at 1.125 volts and core temps in mid 50's. The 4.3 Ghz OC disables HT and has temps at about 71
  2. But isn't the R2E difficult to OC? I mean REALLY hard.
  3. no the R2E is fantastically easy
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