Biostar mcp6p mobo problems

any fixes for biostar mcp6p m2+ motherboard problems? Mine freezes and turns off video...will not restart correctly unless you remove battery. Brand new board with AMD 7550 and 4gb Corsair DDR2 800mhz mem.
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  1. Could be a heat issue with the processor, but the 7550 isn't even listed under "cpu support" on biostar's website. You can try a bios flash, but you may already have the latest version. I have your board, and it won't reset the bios using the cmos jumper. You have to remove the battery to reset the bios. Must be a design quirk with the board. I use the sempron 1250LE that came with a frys combo special, and haven't had any special problems.
  2. Reset bios to factory settings...heat is not an issue, bone cold it does the same thing. Will not allow windows to boot, video goes off right after bios runs.
  3. Only other recommendation is to remove the board and check for anything left under the board such as a misplaced standoff that could be causing a problem. Then reinstall the memory and check all connections. I use a 20 pin antec 350w ps, not the newest but it works even with a 24 pin connector. Could be the board doesn't get along with your power supply.
  4. I will try that.....thanx
  5. OKAY...finally figured out the BIOS sucked...went to Biostar Taiwan site and got flash dated 9-3-09 and upgraded....Installed fresh install of 7 Ultimate 64bit, it runs smooth and stable.
    To anyone else with the video problem, upgrade the bios and add necessary drivers from Biostar site.
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