Low power, dual display grahphics card

I just bought a Dell 545 Inspiron (core 2 Quad with 8 gb memory and 4mb cache) -- it comes with integrated graphics, which seems to have OK graphics performance for what I do.

But, I can't use my 2nd display on it, and I am really addicted to two displays.

So, can anyone recommend a display card that supports two monitors. I would like low power consumption.
I'm not a gamer -- I do some CAD work and some photo editing/website building -- but nothing really demanding.

I like the idea that the new computer runs on half as much power (50 watts) as my old one, and I definitely don't want a power hog graphics card.


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  1. the ATI 3450 or 4350 (same card different name) will do the trick

    costs around $30 and two gerbils on a hamster wheel can power it
  2. I was going to say any of those would do the trick, but ct1615 beat me to it and his suggestions are great deals. Personally I prefer the 2nd one (4350). You might also want a HDMI to DVI adapter for the 2nd screen if you don't want to use the VGA connector and/or your LCD doesn't have HDMI connector.
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