Should I go for 8gb or 16gb for window 7 64bit new build?

I am building a new system. I already got the CPU i5-2500k, the OS will be window 7 64bit. My question now is should I go for 8gb 1600 or 16gb 1600 for the memory? I don't know what motherboard to buy yet, but it will be one of the p67 boards. Would 16gb memory be much faster than 8gb on the 64bit OS? I will use the new system for gaming. Thanks
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  1. For a gaming machine, 8GB will give optimum performance. Only professional-level stuff like Photoshop and graphics rendering and such will use more than that.
  2. 8gb is more than enough for a gaming computer! I have 8gb in my system and I have never seen any game use more than 3.2gb (Crysis).
  3. The games themselves won't use up all of the memory, but modern graphics cards use system memory to store textures and stuff while you are gaming. The more system memory you have, the better the games will look and perform, up to a point. 8GB seems to be that point for now. maybe in a few years, 12GB or 16GB will be that point.
  4. thanks for the reply, guys. So basically 8GB or 16GB won't make a difference for gaming. How about multitasking? I always like to open up lots of apps at the same time, such as firefox with more than 50 tabs and chrome with more than 20 tabs as well as watching a movie along with other apps at the same time. Would 16GB make it more faster for me or 8GB is good enough?
  5. The newest Tom's Hardware Web Browser Grand Prix test with 40 tabs open shows less than 1GB of memory used no matter which browser you use. Having two browsers open with 40 tabs each would still use less than 2GB. You'll be good with 8GB of RAM.
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