Inspiron 530s Desktop, 4 PC beeps

We have a Dell Inpsiron 530s, and sometimes while it was on it would start giving us 4 beeps we would look at the machine and gould not get to to reusme functions the moniter was in standby mode from power saving. The entire system had to bu shutoff and it would typically work upon reboot. I looked it up and from what I understand the four beeps means a RAM issue. So I ran Memtest 86 version 3.5, no problems, ran the dell diagnostics, no problems, I am currently running Memtest 86+ 4.0, so far on pass 3, previous two passes no problems. I did the following tests with the two 1GB DDR2-667 RAM modules:

System giving me four beeps.

Remove RAM from slot 3, normal boot.

Replace RAM in slot 3 and remove ram from Slot 1, 4 beeps no boot.

Move RAM from Slot 3 into Slot 1, no beeps. sucessful boot.

Placed orgional Slot 1 RAM into Slot 3 (reversing the normal configuration), no beeps succesful boot.

Placed RAM back into orgional configuration, no beeps sucessful boot.

System Specs:
Core 2 Duo E4300
2GB DDR2 667 (Kingston)
G33 Chipset BIOS Revision 1.0.0
ATi Radeon 1300
Seagate 320 GB drive

What should I do from here??
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  1. Mixing ram brands or speeds? You're doing the right troubleshooting. You may have to sell some of the sticks and buy original oem ram. Crucial guarantees it's ram to work.
  2. Its stock RAM, went though 27-28 passes of Memtest 86+ Version 4.00 no problems. I am at a loss what to do next. One this i did notice however was I downloaded ATItool to stress test the Graphics card, I started it watched it for a minute came back later, the little box was all yellow and I forced shut it down I forgot to check for errors but the system is unresponsive so I am guessing that may be the issue. What do you think?
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