4650 display problem

Hey guys,

I just bought a new sapphire HD 4650 1Gb card n my monitor is samsung 2253LW 22".... My connection cable is DVI to DVI...The problem im having is before windows starts im not getting full screen display even in bios with this card.... it seems like 1280x1024... but once windows desktop it seems 1680x1050...

Now How can I change it to show 1680x1050 all time I mean before windows load screen....? Also does anyone know this 4650 support dual monitor display?

can anyone help me pls......

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  1. I'd think you just need to fiddle with your monitors controls so that the image fits properly on your screen. It's probably currently set to work well witht he output of your old card and needs to be adjusted.
    All modern video cards can handle 2 displays quite well.
  2. sorry im kinda newb here.... pls explain?? I tried to change it from monitor botton option but it didnt let me change it......
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