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I updated my motherboards (a XFX 750a sli) BIOS, v1.7 from the ISO file from their site. Flashed the BIOS, said it was complete. Restarted.
Now when I start, I get CMOS checksum bad. And CMOS date / time not set.
I can F1 into Set up, Set date/ time, Exit and save. Then it just hanges and does not boot up.

I reset the CMOS,with jumpers, but everytime I restart the PC I get the error.
I tried to reflash with a different download, but get the same results.

If i use the CMOS reset button on MOBO then i am able to load the default settings from NVRAM to get system started. But if I shut down and restart it will not load again, until I press the CMOS reset again.

I am not running SLI , not OC the cpu or mem.running a 9800GTX and all my settings in the BIOS look normal as far as I can tell.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Suggestion you power down your computer and then remove the AC power cord.
    Leave it disconnected for at least 15 minutes. Longer is better. This will give all the capacitors time to fully drain.

    Reconnect the AC cord and try to boot into the BIOS.
    If that works, try to boot into the Safe mode (F8).
    If that works, try a complete reboot.

    Please advise as to degree of progress.

    Good luck...
  2. Remove all but one stick of memory and my video card.
    Start the system on the onboard video. Clear CMOS again and then start the computer.
    Go to the BIOS setup and then save the settings as they are.
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