AGP king? IceQ 3850 512mb vs 4670 1gb

I can't find any decent benchmarks to give me an accurate idea of how these two would match up at 1920x1200 res.
256 bit mem interface
faster gddr3

double memory
slightly faster core clock
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  1. web sites stopped benchmarking AGP cards some time ago.

    neither card is a killer at that resolution, you would need to lower graphic settings to play the latest games.

    Does the 4670 also come with GDDR3 memory? The card itself is too slow to actually use all that memory effectively but it does run cooler and needs less power then the 3850 while delivering pretty much offer similar performance.
  2. The 1GB 4870 will suffer from it's slower RAM. It's narrow 128-bit bus means it can use all the RAM bandwidth it can get. Thanks to the wider bus on the 3850 though it should pull out ahead most of the time. Just compare regular benches of the 3850 and 48701GB.

    Well, with either you need to get the darn thing to work first :D. Most of the drivers that run the AGP Radeon cards are not WHQL certified, which is a pain for 64-bit systems.
  3. the 4670 will do better, dude if u plan to user thaat res with current game offerings, ull need to work on a better rig
  4. Yeah, I'm waiting for the 890fx chipset to come out before I build a new AM3 rig. I mostly stick to RPGs like Oblivion instead of first person shooters. My 3850 does fine for that, but I might get the 4670 if it performs better as well as saves some wattage and heat. I've been looking at benchmarks for PCI-e since that's all there is, But they only bench the 3850 with 256mb. Thanks for all the comments.

    Current rig:
    Athlon X2 2.2Ghz
    2GB 2-3-2-6
    OC 3850 IceQ 512MB
    Asus A8V Deluxe
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