Hybrid Cross fire with 4850?

I recently bought a new computer build with an asus m4a78- pro which supports hybrid cross fire the onboard is a 3200 and I'm just wondering if there is a way to run it in crossfire with my 4850?
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  1. No. Generally you should disable the onboard video if you're going going to use a 4850 and the onboard video doesn't disable itself automatically, as 780G boards can, upon detecting a card other than what it can Hybrid Crossfire with.
  2. Okay, cool how can I disable my onboard? Also if I were to run two 4850's in crossfire would I notice much difference or not.

    Thanks for the help
  3. It should tell you in the mobo manual if it can handle hybrid crossfire, and--if it can--how you go about enabling it. I don't know how much of a performance boost you will get from Hybrid Xfire, but your manual will tell you if it can be done.
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