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hey ppl. new here, this will be post#1 for me:) im newer to the PC world so bare with me...... i recently built my first gaming/media pc. since ive nvr had a higher performance computer i wanted to try my hand in overclocking, just light oc'ing. oc'd my cpu to 3.6ghz. i read that b4 i oc my ram, i should test it with memtest. so here is my problem.... I dwnloaded memtest and put it on a 8gb flash drive. when i go into the flash drive to open memtest, i can see memtest. when i double click on memtest, it doesnt open, instead, it launches Mass Effect2... no idea wat the heck is going on but i can't figure it out. SO, i formated flash drive. sent mem-test to flash drive. click on mem-test and mass effect2 starts up(auto run screan pops up). does any1 know y its doing this???? ive tried it a bunch of times and still does the same thing :( ....... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thx in advance :hello:
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  1. i dnt understand how this could happen...... how does masseffect2 open from a flash drive that does not have mass effect2 on it???
  2. Now what would be really weird is if you dont have Mass Effect on your PC....

    Does memtest run from your PC before moving it to the stick?
  3. I dnt have mass effect......... j/k, i do. Im not sure how to run memtest at all.... the only option it gives me wen i look at it in my docs, is to install memtest on a usb(usb installer). have you ever used memtest?? if so can u direct me to the dwnload? maybe its just a currupt dwnld...... oh ya...... now masseffect is taking over my pictures. was looking through my crisis screen shots, clicked on one, and masseffect started........ im hopeing mass effect wnt take over any reg. files......... :(
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