Confused about the Linksys router and ATT DSL modem

I have tried to connect to the Linksys router, but the dsl modem want allow it. I can't plug the router to the computer or I will not get the internet. Help please. Could you tell me step by step from the beginning to the end. Thank you
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  1. 1. Unplug everything, and turn PC off.
    2. Connect the PC's ethernet cable to the back of the router in a LAN jack (NOT WAN) they are separate.
    3. Connect the DSL modem's ethernet cable to the WAN jack on the router.
    4. Plug in the power for the router.
    5. Plug in the power for the DSL modem.

    Try this and report back, it should work for 9/10 setups. In the event that you have a static IP address, we will need to configure the router to use your DSL modem.

    Did the DSL service give you any connection information? IP address, Gateway, DNS server address, etc?
  2. Put the DSL Modem in Bridge Mode and make the connection on the router.
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