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Currently, I have two sets (4 modules) of 2 GB DDR3 dual Channel RAM (4 RAMs each 2GB).

I was wondering if there is a possibility that one could mount these on 4 slots of a tipple channel board (like p6T SE) or not?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. well, it depends. for some ram will revert back to single channel so that it can work, and some ram will annoying and not do that. that mobo is meant for triple channel ram, so i would get triple channel.
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    First, make sure the RAM is compatible with the board; check RAM voltages (usually on the sticker on each RAM module) against the board's RAM voltages. If they are compatible, and the RAM modules are the same model and versions (same latencies and voltages), why not use three? Then you have a spare.
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