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I've been looking at two graphics cards; the EVGA GeForce 9500 GT 1GB and the EVGA GeForce 8600 GTS . Which would be better, 1GB of DDR2 or 256MB of GDDR3?
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  1. Lol Bobby, you aren't serious are you?Which one do you think is better, come on buddy people aren't going to answer silly questions like that on here. Bobby i didn't mean to be rude listen go with the 8600 gts its a better more well put together card .Good luck!
  2. I feel bad he's probably a young kid shouldn't have been so rude.
  3. Forget that I used the term better. What would be the difference between 1GB of DDR2 and 256MB of GDDR3?
  4. To be honest Bobby niether of those cards are the greatest. They are ok , thats about it. And for your question you just ask i would think the 1 gb of ddr2 is more powerful unless someone can correct me on that and tell you different. I use ddr2.That is called RAM or Memory Bobby.
  5. they are different types of ram the gddr will be significantly faster if all else was equal. but in this case i would say the better card and more memory would be clearly the way to go
  6. My instinct would be to go with the GDDR3, but if you play at higher resolutions the 1GB might work out better, even though DDR2 is much slower. The 9500GT and 8600GTS are more or less equal in performance otherwise.
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