20 fps in WoW on 4870

I have a EAH4870 Dk 1gb running at 750 coreclock and 900 memory on a q9550 2.8 quad core with 4gb @ 800 mhz. I have a 800w PS with both power cords plugged into the video card. I have the latest drivers along with latest CCC, and I get a constant 20 fps in WoW on any resolution, ultra settings. In games like 1.6, I get max 100fps, CS:S I get 150 average and left for dead is not a problem. This was a problem in the past and I stopped playing WoW because of it. Is there any help before I go and buy a GTX260?
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  1. what does the WoW tech forum say?
  2. Says go to tomshardware :]
  3. what kind of latency are you getting?
  4. 84 at peak but usually 20-50. I have a decent internet. 16 mbp/s FiOS

    Edit, I turned down shadow quality to gain 9-10 fps constant so now its at 29 or 30.
  5. see id this thread helps out

    *shadows really take a FPS toll in WoW, set them to medium, you wont see a difference compared to high

  6. I had a severe low FPS issue for a short period of time when I had my 4870 512. With player chat enabled and in use (grouping with my brother in law) my game was crippled. Before that I could essentially run it full banana with medium shadows, 4xAF, no AA, 1920x1080 and was seeing 120+FPS. During my chat enabled settings, I was dropping to 15-25 fps.

    I never really investigated, instead opted to chat through text. From some very minor web sleuthing, I have heard that Gigabyte motherboards boards onboard sound/Mic + 48xx video cards with HDMI connections are being blamed by some. My brother in law has a much more dated system (Dual Core AMD 4400+ with 8500GT) in his Dell, and he suffers zero loss of FPS during chat enabled sessions.

    Nothing concrete, but might be something to check out.
  7. I have an Asus Striker2Forumla, my sound does studder.
  8. Well as far as i can see, its WOW related for SURE. all other games seems to work fin. try what jofamang just told. But youll alwais experiment those kind of low FPS while in big tonw or any place where LOTS off ppl are. If you go in an open area without anyone near you, you still have this poor FPS ?
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