1200EUR Gaming Rig Advice

Case - Coolermaster HAF 922 - 99.95 EUR
PSU - Corsair HX 620W - 129.95 EUR
Motherboard - ASUS P6T Mainboard SO.1366 - 197.95 EUR
Processor - Intel Core i7 920 (4x2.66Ghz) - 249.95 EUR
Graphics Card - MSI HD4890 1024MB OC PCIe - 209.95 EUR
RAM - OCZ Intel 6GB Kit DDR3-1333MHZ i7 - 89.95 EUR
HDD - Western Digital 160GB HD 3.5 SATA - 39.95 EUR
DVD-RW - Sony DVD-Burner SATA AD7200 - 29.95 EUR
Monitor - ASUS VW222U 22" - 155.00 EUR
Headset - Logitech PC Headset 120 - 19.95 EUR

So that is what I was thinking for a new system. Monitor and Headset don't really matter. Its the rest of the parts really. What do you guys think of that for gaming on cod4 and the next cod6. Don't play any other games, but I do design websites and coding.

Thanks for comments
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  1. By COD6, you mean modern warfare 2? COD 7 is already in development.
    But that rig will tear the fps out of COD4 like nobody's business, capable of more graphically demanding games too if you ever decide to play something else. As far as design goes, its fine, the I7 and the 4890 will be just fine.
    One little thing though, the HD is a little weak, only 160 GB, if you can afford it go a bit larger (the law of bigger HD's states, the bigger they are, the faster they respond) its a strange law but its very true. All in all, a good setup.
  2. That seems good. You realize I suppose that the PSU will only support the one 4890.

    Here's the same price on the 750HX:

    I don't know where you are so I don't know if it works out the same.
  3. Yeh I will never be SLI or Xfire so I was told that a smaller PSu is fine as at first I had the 750HX but wasn't sure if it had the correct power pins to fit the graphics card as it needs 6pin but the HX dont have any 6 pin connectors only 8 pin. Also I'll put a bigger HDD in it then, I thought small would run better and as I don't use alot of space went with that, but I'll put a 1T in the system. Thanks for your advice
  4. I ment the 750TX as I can't get the 750HX where I am.
  5. Oh yes, stick with the modular then. You don't need that much processor for just those games, but I imagine it will keep you satisfied for many years.

    Look for the Western Digital Caviar Black, either the 1TB or 640GB models.
  6. Yeh everyone keeps talking about those WD Black, but I don't think I can get them on the website I use, So I went for another WD as people said WD are the best HDD you can get
  7. So would you suggest I go for like a Dual Core or maybe a Quad Core as games dont use the 4 cores yet. I mean what would be the best way to spend 1200 to make my gaming experience perfected for a few years
  8. wait for HD-5000 series cause mw2 isnt out yet.
  9. While most games are not coded for quads, that is changing. For instance, WoW was recently optimized for multiple cores. Your choice should last you a good long time.
  10. Thanks Proximon, I'll go down the quad core route then so it can be upgraded in the future.

    Rescawen. I know Mw2 isn't out yet and comes out end of year some time, but I can't wait till then for my new system as I work from my computer and my laptop is failing and need a new system within a month. Thanks for your advice tho.
  11. Gaming Rig

    Case - Nzxt Tempest - € 89.95
    PSU - Corsair TX 650W - € 109.95
    MotherBoard - ASUS P6T Mainboard SO.1366 - € 197.95
    Processor - Intel Core i7 920 2.66Ghz - € 249.95
    GraphicCard - MSI HD4890 1024MB Overclocked PCIe - € 209.95
    Ram - OCZ Intel i7 6GB Kit DDR3-1333Mhz - € 89.95
    HDD - Western Digital 1TB HD 3.5"SATA - € 84.95
    Optical Drive - Sony DVD-RW Sata Black AD7200 - € 29.95


    Monitor - Samsung 22" 2243NW - € 139.95
    Headset - Raptor Gaming Headset LH1 - € 19.95

    Ok that is what I have now, I took the advice of a bigger HD and I went for a case I think is better. Please give your advice on this setup. Thanks
  12. If you have faith in what the forums are saying, you might want to stick with an HD 4870 or a GTX 260 Core 216 as these can both be found very cheap right now, and they should hold you over very nicely until the next series of cards comes out, which is just rumored to be Q4 this year. I'm just assuming that you'll be playing at 1680x1050, which is a very reasonable resolution for either the GTX 260 or the HD 4870.
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