Asue P5k-e Wi-fi Add in raid card Pci or Pcie

I have a buddy that broke off one of his onboard Sata Connections trying to add two more hard drives on an Asus P5k-e Wi-FI motherboard. my first though was to pick up some E-sata to Sata adapters (fleabay under 10 bucks)

Down and dirty

PCI raid card that support JBOD Vs PCIe (this board has na open Pcie x4 slot) vs replacing the motherboard

The E-sata adapters are under 10 bucks

the PCI card is under 40 bucks

the PCie card is also under 40 bucks

Replacing the board means re-installing everything and I would be doing the work he doesn't feel up to it.

Installing a PCI or PCiE card shouldn't disable anything in the bios

I would assume with only SATA 2 hard drives both PCI and PCIe should have the bandwidth to keep up.
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  1. Good idea!
  2. Ubrales said:
    Good idea!

    Which one?
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    belezeebub said:
    Which one?

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