Intel RAID Setup Problem

HI, I've built a system using ASUS P7P55D-E Pro Mobo (P55 Chip set), it uses Intel RAID controller
Which I have set up with three drives running RAID5. I set up the RAID5 in initial start up, it
went fine, and now I have loaded a bunch of software onto the system, including W7 Pro, all
onto the RAID array. Now the problem:

I downloaded Intel RAID Manager Ver. 8.9.1023, started it up and attempted to look at
my RAID array. It sees the array, but when I want to verify the array and check it, I get
a message from the manager that it needs to "initialize" the array before it can analyze
it. I believe that initialization would wipe out all my software, and therefore I'm not wanting
to initialize.

How can I get the Intel RAID manager to recognize the drive as a working RAID array without
wiping it out and starting over?

Thank you,

larry k.
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  1. It should recognize the volume, it was built on the Intel RAID chipset. You may want to get Intel's the latest version, now called Rapid Storage Technology - it is here.
  2. Hi Thanks, yes it does recognize the volumn, but it says it can not analyze or repair it until it is initialized. I did download the new 10.1 version and I got the same identical response, it has to initialize.

    So, now I have made a complete backup and I think I must initialize. And as near as I can tell, the initialization process will erase the data on the disk array. I find something out there about "background initialize" which does not erase data, but that isn't an option on the Intel menu.

    I'm looking at doing the initialize, and then take my chances on a reload of the data from backup. Don't know what else I can do.

    Thanks larry.k
  3. I kicked off the initialize process. It did not warn about loosing data. It ran for 10 hours, and upon completion I find that it did NOT remove my data. My installed programs and data are in tack! I am very relieved! Thanks for your help.
  4. You're welcome, I'm glad you were successful!
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