Help me!!! Radeon 4850 card

I upgraded my graphics card (nvidia 8400GS) to the Radeon 4850 (Gigabyte R485OC-1GH) card. I downloaded latest drivers from AMD Download page (driver version 9.6). After installing it, my system started showing strange behaviors. These are the steps I took for the diagnosis of the problem.

1. Few minutes (15-20 mins) after booting and logging into my account, my monitor will suddenly turn blank showing no signal and then it will go into power saver mode. It will never come back to normal mode unless I reboot my system. Note that windows was working properly during this time (I used to reboot using windows key+R>>"shutdown.exe -r -t 5">>enter).

2. After this I removed latest drivers and installed what has been provided in the CD. Still the same problem persisted.

3. Next I check my hdd for bad sectors, and nothing came in report. The hdd was fine.

4. I formatted my PC, and reinstalled windows XP SP3. Along with the previous problem, now another problem is happening. Either the monitor will go into power saver mode or explorer would hang.

5. During all this time my system was running fine with Windows 7 RC (dual boot). It is not showing any of the things that I get in XP SP3.

6. I contacted AMD technical support and the guy asked me to try catalyst v9.2. But my problem remained the same with v9.1 or v9.2.

7. I again contacted AMD Support and the guy transferred my call to some lab (i think this is what he said). The person on the other side couldn't resolve the problem.

8. Now I uninstalled SP3 and tried again. Same problem. The explorer is hanging like anything.

9. I reinstalled SP3. Still the same thing.

I have already disabled the onboard graphics, and have upgraded to latest bios from ASUS site. All the drivers are the latest ones. Nothing is helping me to resolve this problem. The strangest thing is Windows 7RC is working fine. I thought ATI catalyst is causing some problem, so I disabled it and still it didn't resolve the issue. Whether the driver is older or newer, this problem is not going away. Right now I am completely stuck with Windows 7RC (don't know what will I do after March 10 if this problem is not solved :( :( :(

My system config:
Motherboard: ASUS M2V-MX SE
CPU: AMD Athlon 64x2 4600+
Memory: A-Data PC2-6400 2x1Gb
PSU: 585 W, dual 12V rail (+3.3V@36A,+5V@36A,+12V1@19A,+12V2@20A,-12V@1A,+5 VSB@2.0A)
1 80 GB IDE Samsung HDD (Windows XP is installed on it)
1 120 GB SATA Seagate HDD (Windows 7 RC is installed on it).
1 500 GB SATA WD Caviar HDD (for backup)
1 USB Realtek wireless card

All PCI slots are free. Graphics card is attached to 1 PCIe slot.

Please help me!
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  1. k, does the sytem work fine with the nvidia, as in if you put it in right now, will everything go back to normal?
  2. Thanx for the reply. as u suggested, i tried nvidia card and the explorer hanged after 10 mins (num lock was fine, i mean on off)...what's going on with my system....before this new card i was using nividia and it was working perfectly fine :o
  3. when explorer hangs my screen freezes...all the opened windows too (whether it's folder or firefox or any other s/w)...alt+tab doesn't work...I tried to use windows+r>>explorer.exe and then nothing matter wat I do, the screen will look like a poster...but if i press num lock or caps lock the led on key board will on/off..
  4. hey mate :hello: , own the exact same card, being a dual rail PSU it could be from too few watts getting thru, before my powersupply died :( i had similar problems, not that yours is dying but rather nor getting enough juice, if your using the molex adapter try hooking it upto the least loaded rail, hooking it upto both may being causing issues due to voltage diffences.
  5. Your symptoms are consistent with power problems. What brand/model is that "585W" PSU?
  6. Thank you all for your support....
    @zipzoomflyhigh : I uninstalled the update KB952287, and now xp is working for 30 mins compared to 10-15 mins earlier. After 30 mins it's showing the same behavior.

    @rynoc and jtt283: I thought of psu...but then I discarded this possibility since windows 7 is running in exactly same config. GPU-Z shows more load on graphics card when I am running windows 7...but when I run XP it shows 0% use...If the psu is not able to supply enough power then it should have shown it in windows 7 also (since graphics requirement is more in windows 7)...the one I am using is local ( )...neway I will try to get hold of some branded psu...will inform you guyz as soon as I try with new psu...

    Thanks to all of you.
  7. Hey...I remember when I installed this card for the first time, it showed that "monitor goes into power saver mode"...but with that also I was able to finish the last 3 levels of CRYSIS...and I was running crysis on XP...after finishing crysis I got irritated with this power saver mode so I formatted my PC completely and since then explorer is hangging
  8. The PSU you have is not a good one. It probably can't hold up its end of the log.
    Raidmax has historically made lethal junk, although the 80+ bronze rating on that new model suggests considerable improvement. Personally, I wouldn't trust it until it has been properly reviewed (including load testing and waveform analysis), but I would have high hopes for it. In your place, I would choose a model from Antec, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, or Enermax. One of the Earthwatts models would do just fine. Even the 380 can run a 4850, although if it were me I'd prefer the additional head room of a 430 or even a 500.
  9. yeah I know I went cheap on psu :P ....but as i said earlier i was able to play crysis and still i am able to run windows 7 without any problem so I discarded it...but now since this cud b a possibility i will look for some better psu...meanwhile i will try this card on some other PC...
  10. Thanks guyz. I think the issue is resolved now. I formatted my pc again and now it's working fine. initially monitor was frequently going into power save mode and did use to come back. When I uninstalled via AGP controller (the one I installed from mobo driver cd), the power save mode comes ones in a while (in past 2 days only 3 times). Just need to figure out how to completely remove this power save mode.

    Now I just have to restore dual boot windows 7 RC. Any suggestion for that? I don't want to reinstall windows 7 again. just need to configure its bootloader.

    Thank you guyz.
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