I7 950 will not start unless i reset cmos

I have a custom built i7 950. I reinstalled windows but everytime i shut the pc down, or put it to sleep mode, the computer will not start up. the power button on the outside does not work i have to press the "start" button on my Asus motherboard.

When I press start there is a spark, fans turn for half a second but computer does not start. Then I have to take the power supply out, press cmos button down for 3 seconds, wait around 20-30 mins, and press start button and the computer loads up, asks me if i want to load default bios values etc

I DO NOT WANT to do this every time I want to start my pc up its so time consuming. I just want it to work normally, does anyone have any solutions?
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  1. Is your psu from stock case ..what brand ..?
  2. First, you may have something wrong with the case power switch. If, instead of pressing the motherboard switch, what happens when you try to turn on the computer by temporarily shorting the PSU green wire to ground? If the system starts, you have a problem with the case switch.

    Alternately, you can swap the case power and reset switches and try to boot with the reset switch.

    Second, like henydiah suggests, you may have a problem with the PSU.
  3. The power button was working before and I had no issues, I did reinstall windows.

    It is a corsair 1000w PSU?
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