Gaming performance from a better hard drive?

I am rebuilding my system, and the hard drive right now is basically the only thing left that wasn't upgraded within the past 2 years. If I buy a new hard drive the speed jump will be huge.

Right now I have a 7500 RPM SATA 1.5 GB/s, and would be upgrading to a 10000 RPM 6 GB/s.

The problem is I've spent a ton of $ on everything else and large fast hard drives are expensive. I read that the RPM boost wouldn't be very noticeable in games since a lot is loaded to memory, but haven't seen any info on how GB/s affects performance while playing. And would it be better to get a 7200 RPM 6 GB/s SATA since they are actually very cheap?
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  1. You are correct about the memory! More RAM and faster RAM will give you more performance in gaming, than a higher RPM HDD.

    As far as gaming is concerned, the 7200 RPM 6GBs HDD will perform well, and the price will be fine. You will not gain any significant speed in gaming with the 10,000 RPM drive.
  2. But it is worth upgrading to that cheaper 7200 6GB/s or no? Because it is still a pain moving everything over, so if it won't really increase gaming performance..
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    Yes! Go with the 7200 RPM 6GB (less expensive) drive. Overall, the newer HDDs will perform better than HDDs that are 2-year old technology as you stated in your case.

    This upgrade is worth it.
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  5. Thank you!
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