Please help NO HDD after HDD wipe

I have a RAID 1 array that I did a HDD wipe on using for a clean xp install

Now my HDD are not found by BIOS or XP install, FAQ on killdisk site says HDD need to be repartitioned nd reformatted.

HOw do I do that when I cant even see them

I have not touched the physical install of the system at all and it has been fine for a few years
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  1. Did you change any BIOS settings? Are the drives IDE or SATA?
  2. No Idid not change anything in BIOS. I only ran that killdisk thing. In BIOS the primary and secondary master say not available and when I boot from XP CD it says there are no HDD installed.

    There are two HDD SATA drives installed. They were in a RAID1 array. Is the problem something to do with the fact that they were in a RAID array.

    I have unplugged one and tried and it still isnt visible. I would be happy with just getting one HDD available as I really dont need the RAID1 anymore for this machine.
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