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Hey guys, I just built my first computer a week ago and I noticed that my processor's temperature seemed kinda high. Granted my computer has been on for the whole day is at 54 degrees (After a reboot). No overlocking has been done at all. Is this temperature normal? If not, what can I do to lower the temperature?

Here' s a link to my EVEREST system report:
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  1. normal
  2. Normal - If tested at 100% load with no OCing...

    Not Normal - If tested at idle speed without OCing...

    My recommendations would be to remove your heat sink, clean the thermal compound off both CPU & HSF, reapply the right amount of thermal compound and remount the HSF. This should help with your temps. If your are using a stock HSF, you might want to get an aftermarket HSF like the Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283V or the CoGaGE TRUE Spirit.
  3. I'll give that a try... thanks. I'm also using a Mugen Scythe 2 HSF. Also, my GTX 285 2GB is running at 45 degrees with it's fan running at 70%. Is that too hot as well?
  4. Your GPU temps are fine.
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