Overclocking i5 2500k on Z68xud3-b3 Mobo

Dear bros;

I am new to overclocking, and just bought a new rig. I currently running on:

-64bit win7
-Z68XUD3 b3 gigabyte
-intel i52500k
-patriot pxd38g 1600LLK 8 gb
-seasonic psu x76
-MSI n560ti- hawk SLI
-cooler master hyper 212+

My target is 4.8 but i going to have a couple of test stage, my first test stage is 4.3 then second is 4.5 then later is 4.8.

Can anyone tell me how am i going to go about starting this. I am very newbiz and currently watched alot of vids on Oc but all having different mobo and the setting are different.

I am very confuse and in need of help on like step by step walk through for my first stage 4.3?

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  1. Here's a guide for the Core i7 2600K, the process should be similar for the i5 2500K.
    Moreover, they used a GIGABYTE motherboard, so the BIOS should be familiar.
  2. I had a read on the guide, i am wondering had successfully OC on the same mobo as mine. I still puzzle>>>>>>...
  3. I just finished a similar build. i5-2500k and ASUS P8Z68 mobo. The mobo came with "auto overclocking" features which work really great. I ran the "extreme overclock" which on stock voltages blue screened at about 4.6-4.7GHz. I then ran into some small problems with dual post boot issues which i fixed by switching the "performance profile to XMP". This left me with a very stable and very low temp CPU running a nice 4.4GHz.
  4. That's a nice, my mobocracy too had an on board OC software but only could go to 4 on twin turbo. Which need a manual bios setting, I very new to this hoping toms hardware got a article or research on OC on cheap mobocracy like mine
  5. I have different Mobo, but there are two ways off going about things.. either fixed volt or offser volt manipulation. Look up 4ryan6 thread on this site for fixed volt method and look up Mr Face and Leaps from shadows posts for ideas on how to overclock using offset voltage/ turbo limit.

    All of those guys straightened me out when I did the current overclock and I am an absolute noobie at this kinda stuff.

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