Help with MB choise !?!?!

Hello!! respect for this community!! this is my firs post...

First sorry for my eng.

Am building low cost gaming configuration. budget 500-600 euros(around 750$)

My choices in my country are Asus M4A785TD-V EVO and Asus Crosshair ||| formula

So my main question is, if am not planing to OC does this 2 MB's make any big difference couz of the chipsets 785G and 790FX or the sb 720 and 750. And becouse the price its almost double on the 790FX one. Am planing using Asus 5850 1g.So is M4A785TD-V EVO compatible with this card , and planing use 4GB Corsair 1333 DD3 RAM. My CPU choise is AMD phenom || x4 965 BE box. So is this any cind of a good GAMING station or my choise SUX ?? :DD

THX in advance !!!!!
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  1. Go for the cheaper motherboard. The 965 won't overclock much more than the stock heatsink allows.
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