Gtx 260, 3dmark score normal?

Is 11899 a decent score for the gtx260? I just installed an extra 3 gigs of ddr 3 corsair dominator ram today.. so I have a total of 6 gigs on windows vista 64..

System specs: Intel i7core 920 processor (nehalem) socket LGA 1366, evga gtx 260 graphics card, coolermaster real power 700 w modular power supply, corsair 3gb (3 X 1gb) ddr3 dominator 1600 mhz tripple channel ddr3, hdd= samsung spinpoint f1 750 gb sata-II 32 mb cache, motherboard = asus p6t intel X58 socket 1366
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  1. Which version of 3dMark have you run?

    If that score is for 3dMark06, then it is low. (my system: 8800GT+C2D@2.7Ghz => 10000+ score)
    If that score is in Vantage, I don't know, because I never ran it...
  2. I'm using 3dmark06 basic.. I thought it was low :|. I don't know why though..
  3. Its too low.
    I use 9600gt & athlon x2 6000+ and my score is 10600
  4. OC the crap out of your CPU if you want a higher score.
  5. Mousemonkey said:
    OC the crap out of your CPU if you want a higher score.

    Yeah, I could do that, but shouldn't it be getting a higher score without OC?
  6. 3D '06 has and always will be CPU reliant and seems to favour the slightly older cards, try Vantage instead or better still, some games.
  7. Opened case cleaned off the stock thermal grease and added my own.. I'm getting 14k in 3dmark06 now. I checked my temperature's last night and noticed the cpu was at 77 degrees C; now it touches 60 when running games but doesn't go over that. So I'm guessing it was a overheating issue.. I thought the stock cooler would be enough since I wasn't planning on OCing.. sigh.. anyone recommend a cooling system?
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