Vga cable for acer al1715 monitor

Ok just gone to turn on the pc (not been used for a few weeks) to find it wont work, pulled out the desk to find the puppy has nicely gnawed my vga cable into bits and i cant seem to find a replacement any ideas where i can pick one up?? have taken pictures of both ends and stuck them on photobucket the are here
thank you
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  1. VGA male plug to male plug replacement cables are available from many online vendors. Here is a link to lots VGA cables in a variety of configurations:
  2. it doesn't just plug in like a standard vga cable you actually have to take the front and back of the monitor apart to take it out it goes straight on to the board in the monitor I cant seem to find anything even similar to it
  3. OOPS!

    Hmmm.... I just took a look at the Acer al1715 owner's manual:

    The manual shows a standard VGA male connecter at each end of the cable. One end plus into the monitor and the other end plugs into the back of the pc. I don't know why your cable is different.
  4. dont know if its anymore use or not but i had a check of the model number to make sure i def had it right and its an al1715 sm. just looked at the manual and i see what you mean it does plug in, have u looked at the photo of the cable on photobucket?? thanks for your help
  5. no worries, well, i would still like to get a cable for it as its a gret monitor but just got nother one on ebay so there's not a panic for it as such although i'd prefer to keep mine than this other one
  6. This is interesting. When I searched for Al1715 sm instead of just plain Al1715 I got different search results. The search results were for European sites. I wonder if the European versions of the monitor are different.

    I also went to the Acer web site and indicated I was in Europe. There was no manual available for the Al1715 sm. Hmmmm...... :(
  7. that is very strange, no wonder i cant find a cable, i bought it in weymouth, dorset in uk, had i known i was buying some european import i wouldnt have bothered and purchased a different one, £150 4 and half yers go i got seen off for that
  8. I am afraid that is not meant to be user replacable part if You need to take monitor apart so it will not be sold in retail. You can try to contact some repair shops and Acer to see if You can get it but don't get Your hopes high.

    If You are handy with multimeter and soldering iron You coud use any VGA cable and solder it directly to board of the monitor or the plug on the old cable using multimeter and wire color coding to trak which wire goes to which pin.
  9. bought another now anyway, just wondered if i could still fix this one
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