GA-G41M-ES2L audio scratch noise


Ive got a problem with my new mainboard, GA-G41M-ES2L. Whenever i play movies or music my audio keeps doing scratching/static noises now and then. I even tried with a separate soundcard; Audigy 2 ZS but the problem remains. It seems like the problem is more frequent when the harddrives are working. Is there a specific setting or driver i should try?

Im using Windows 7 64bit
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  1. i'm having the same problem, same OS too. i have a GA-P55M-UD2, and mine makes the noise all the time. it is faint but i have to have complete silence to record music, i'm very unhappy about this.
  2. Download Thesycon's DPC latency checker here:
    and run it - might get a surprise...
  3. using a digital in/out should fix any issue, but if you're just using an analog headphone/mic then background electrical noise may be leaking in.
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