7.1 audio through HDMI: which cable?

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In order to utilize the full 7.1 audio capabilities of my Radeon HD4870's (X-Fire), can I use the OEM DVI to HDMI cable, or do I need to use the supplied DVI to HDMI adapter dongle and a regular HDMI cable?
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  1. why can't you use the supplied one? you should have two by now so if one is messed up use the other.
  2. That's the basis of my question: Sapphire's website states that HDMI audio is available by using the dongle. "HDMI compliant via dongle" is what have under the specs. This is unclear to me because it sounds to me like the supplied DVI to HDMI cable will not accomplish this, but the supplied dongle will. I just want to make sure I pick up the right number of HDMI cables on my way home from work tonight.
  3. yeah it should work
  4. What are you trying to do? Most tv's are not 7.1. How are you planning on running cables to what? If you are running to a tv then need to go to a rurround sound system why not sue spdif or coax? Most of the mobos now support both of these.
  5. I'd like to run the HDMI output of my PC through my Denon AVR and then on to my TV. This may be a moot point though because I can't seem to get anywhere near as clear of a picture on the screen by doing it this way as opposed to just running the DVI/HDMI cable straight to my TV and just using the TOSLINK optical connection from my mobo to my Denon. I think I'm missing out on some the lossless audio functionality of the AVR by doing this, but it seems to be the only way I can get a clear picture.
  6. the toslink is enough to run uncompressed 7.1
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