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hello all:
I am looking for some advise on a new build that i cant get to post. it posted twice then quit wont post again. i have rmad the motherboard and retried it with no luck. here are the specs:
1. nzxt apollo case
2. asus eah 4870 512 mb dark knight
3. seagate st3640 sata hard drive
4. lg 22x dvdrw sata
5. rosewill rp600v2 600 watt psu
6. ocz plat ddr2 1066 4 gb memory
7. gigabyte ga-ma790x-ud4p motherboard
8. amd phenom 9950 black edition agena
Please help its driving me nuts!!!!

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  1. my bet, PSU. Pull everything but the power supply and CPU and see if you can get 1 beep indicating no memory if so that rules out the motherboard. In that case i would suggest trying a different PSU and see if that will work. The power distribution on the PSU seems all wrong too with 55A on the 5V
  2. Rosewill PSU's are excessively mediocre. And look at this thread:
  3. i forgot to add in my original post that the video card has 3 led's that flash as well as there being no power to any of the usb ports either front or back.
    thanks again for any help.
  4. found the problem- bad stick of memory, ugh
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