Antec 300/antec psu

i'm interested in building a new PC soon (my very first one i'm pretty excited and scared at the same time o_O)

i was wondering if the antec 300 is the best case for my build. my build will consist of a Sapphire 4870 1gb ddr5, gigabyte am3 770ud3-p, amd phenom 2 550 BE, samsung f3 500gb hdd, antec earthwatts 650w(a couple questions bout this PSU) and of course.. 4gb DDR3 crucial ballistix tracer 1333mhz.

does the antec 300 have good air flow? will my parts be a little warmer then they would with the Raidmax Smilodon i was considering to buy? basically, it's either the 300 or the smilodon unless you guys can offer me a better case with the same price. o_O uhm, will my parts fit in nicely with the 300 like the GPU wont be touching the HDD or something.. o_O

also i heard that having the PSU on the bottom was bad?? is this true?

and now about the PSU :P is the psu a little too much for what i want to use? ive heard people say they are able to run a 4890 with 450w o_O if there is anything better i can buy for cheaper to run my build that you can link me to that would be great :P i just dont want anything under 500w since ill be upgrading in like 2-3 years O_O

oh man.. alot of questions, thank you to who ever answers :)
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  1. The antec 300 is a decent case, and if you get the Illusion version it comes with more fans so it will have good airflow. However, I think the 300 has a problem where the bottom mounted power supply cannot be mounted upside down. This means the PSU fan won't be very effective. Still, its a good case for the money. As for the power supply itself, 500w is enough. I currently am running my 4870 on a 500w antec. Brandwise, I would recommend corsair, antec, and ocz for power supplies.
  2. thanks, is there any specific PSU you would recommend? i'm just asking since i looked at some on newegg and they 500W ones are like $60-$75 which is $10 less than the 650W o_O
  3. ghoulsrulefools said:
    ...I think the 300 has a problem where the bottom mounted power supply cannot be mounted upside down...

    Most Antec PSUs have end-mounted 80mm fans, so this won't be an issue. If you do decide on a PSU with a 140mm fan, take a look at the Coolermaster CM-RC690. The design is similar, but the bottom-mounted PSU is able to draw its own air from beneath your case. This case also comes with three fans; back, front, and side. I added a top fan to mine, and I really like it.
    As to PSU capacity, the Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU would be sufficient for your build.
  4. The Antec 300 is an excellent case. The airflow is as good as it gets. The suggestion to get the "illusion package" is a good one. Not only do you get some extra front fans and a bit of "bling", but there is a newegg promo for free shipping until 9/30. Cases are heavy, and shipping can easily be $20. Antec customer support is very good. Looking at the raidmax case, I am not enthused. It does not look to me like it has good airflow. Front and side inputs, but only one rear output and no top fan.

    Bottom mount for a psu is a good thing. It keeps the psu out of the hot air stream and the weight on the bottom stabilizes the case. Ihe only possible negative is that the cpu 4/8 pin leads on some psu's can have trouble reaching their place when routed behind the motherboard. If that is a problem, a cheap extender will solve the issue. All psu's that I know of can be happily mounted upside down, so the type of psu fan is a non-issue. Amd suggests a 500w psu with two 6-pin pci-e connectors:
    If you get a quality psu, there will be no problem. PC P&C, Corsair, Seasonic, and Antec are good, to name a few. It is not bad to get a modestly larger psu than the minimum. A psu operates most efficiently in the middle of it's range, and will be quieter if it's fan does not need to spin fast to keep it cool.

    ---good luck---
  5. okay thanks :) now i'm stuck between the Cooler Master RC-690

    and the 300 illusion.

    im kinda leaning more towards the 300 illusion since it's $10 cheaper. but then i want the CM because the air flow is supposedly better and theres a hole on the bottom of the case where the PSU is supposed to go, so there wont be an issue with it being on the bottom o_O.

    which do you think?
  6. I've not seen the Illusion, but I really do like the RC690. My Antec PSU has an end-mounted 80mm fan now, but the rig started out with an Enermax that had a 140mm fan drawing up from the bottom.

    Edit: Both have free shipping. After looking at the Illusion again, that case looks like it would be a little quieter, and if you do have multiple and/or hot GPUs, you can mount a side fan on it. Tough call. I like the blue glow they both have. If I were buying today, I think I'd get the Illusion, if only to compare the two.
  7. The advantage the Antec design have over the CM is the straight HD mount design, as compared to the CM, the front air flow is blocked by the HD mounting cage. That is why the CM690 has the bottom fan, to draw extra air flow in.

    A modest build like yours, probably no more than 2 HD, the airflow will be not be hindered at all on the Antec300. If you need additional cooling for your video card, you can mount a 120mm side fan.
  8. okay, i'll just go wit the 300 illusion. and should i put the PSU upside down still or just put in regularly?
  9. What I was saying is there is only 1 way to mount the psu in the 300, the plate doesn't flip.
  10. What PSU did you get? It looks like there is an air space underneath, so it can get air no matter how it is mounted.
  11. i'm going to buy a 300 illusion + antec 650w(just because of the combo deal) is the psu
  12. Whether or not you can mount it upside down (fan up) in that case, it looks like there's still a decent air gap below the PSU so it won't suffocate.
  13. okay thanks :) i'm going to go with that set up.
  14. ghoulsrulefools said:
    What I was saying is there is only 1 way to mount the psu in the 300, the plate doesn't flip.

    I'm not so sure about that. From the 300 manual, "Three Hundred provides mounting holes for power supplies with standard mounting layouts to be installed upside up or upside down."

    And if you look at the case photo it seems to have holes that would allow for mounting the PSU both ways.
  15. It's just what I have seen in the reviews.
  16. I'd trust the Antec manual. Too many Newegg reviewers are obviously drones.

    The manual states:
    "With the case upright, place the power supply on the bottom of the case.
    Note: Power supplies with fans on the bottom of the power
    supply will need to be mounted so that the fan is facing the top
    of the case. Three Hundred provides mounting holes for power
    supplies with standard mounting layouts to be installed upside
    up or upside down."
    The picture next to this text shows a PSU being mounted with the fan facing UP, i.e. upside down. Presumably, a PSU with an 80mm fan on the end would be mounted right-side up.
  17. Hi. I am planning on building a computer in a couple months (Like November or December). Should I buy this case while its on sale with free shipping or wait until say Black Friday?
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