Need advice for buying some new Hardware :)

Hello Everyone ! I just joined the forum, and i'd like to thank you folks for taking your time to read my post.

Well, I'm planning on buying some new hardware. I've got an old nforce4 ultra DFI, amd 4400x2, with 2 gb of ocz ddr !

I've made you 10 questions that I marked all along the text, if you could please refer to your answers by the numbers, it would be great !!! :)

While I was looking for some new stuff, well, I have to admit that I've got lost a little bit :P

That's why, I'd like to ask you guys, what do you think of what I intend to buy. (1) Can you tell me if is worth it ? (2) If I should choose another model of MB / Memory / CPU because the one I want to buy is not worth it ? (2a)Any kind of advice we be much appreciated, everything that you notice that is useless to pay so much instead of another model, etc. !

I'd like to buy this:

Asus P7P55D-E Premium

Intel Core i7-860

Corsair Dominator DDR3 PC3-12800 XMP CL8 (8gb)

I got so lost about the hardware, (3) that I'm not even sure that the memory even compatible with this Mobo lol. Please tell me, if you can ^^ What do you think of it ? (4) is it worth buying 8 gb of ram, while intending to keep this quantity for about 3-4 years ? ( (5) Should I install Vista, ou Win7 when I install my new Hardware?) (6) Do I waste money by buying this model of mobo ?

(7) Also, I got this from a friend, I'd like you to tell me if it is worth giving about 200 bucks more, for this:

ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

Intel Core I7 950

Corsair Dominator ddr3 PC3-12800 triple channel cl8 (6gb)

(8) Oh yeah, and a question that I have in mind for a few years already: Let's say that I'd like to have 4 gb of ram. Is it better (faster) to have 4 memory blocks of 1 gb on the mobo, or 2 of 2gb each, and leave 2 slots free ?!!

(9) Please feel free to make a new hardware list if you don't agree at all with my current choices. For approx 800 euros (1150 USD)

Thank you so much for helping me, I wish you a Mery Christmas and a happy new year, to everyone. All the best ! =)

Sam from Switzerland.
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  1. What will you be using this cpu/motherboard/ram combo for?
    If you will be doing lots of multitasking, 6-8gb is very good.
    If you will be doing one task, like gaming, then 4gb is sufficient.

    1) Both are about equal value.
    2) "
    3) I think the ram is ok. go to corsair web site and access their configurator. enter your mobo, and get a list of compatible modules. Real application speed/fps does not improve much with faster ram or lower latencies, perhaps 1-2%. Don't pay extra there.
    4) It is better to get all your ram in one kit. Ram specs can differ from batch to batch which is why ram is best sold in kits.
    5) Windows-7 is the way to go.
    6) Yes. If the motherboard has features that you need, then fine. Otherwise look for a more basic motherboard. Do not pay more for the enthusiast models unless you are a record seeking overclocker. The motherboards all use the same X58 or P55 chips and will perform essentially the same.
    7) I think the value is fair.
    8) Speed is the same, but it is better to get 2x2gb than 4 x 1gb. It is cheaper, you preserve ram expansion, and sometimes overclocking is easier with fewer modules.
    4gb modules are expensive today, and not worth it.

    ---good luck---
  2. Your first build option is perfectly fine. Just so long as the RAM you're getting is dual channel (not Tri-Channel). I'd suggest using Windows 7, and making sure it's 64bit so you can take advantage of 4GB+ of RAM. If you can afford 8GB, that's perfectly suitable for long term. For now, 4GB is plenty for gaming purposes.

    Also, if you run 4GB you want 2 x 2GB. Not 4 x 1 GB.
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