Cannot find the PLL HELP!!!!

hello every one ..;so i have a little problem here so i want to overclock my pentium dual core T4500 2,3 with double core but i cannot find the PLL gonna ask me why the PLL if you cant overclock from the bios so i will said ...i have a bios insyde h20 f15 and i can't change nothing . i need the PLL to overclock with setfsb or clockgen ....the problem is i download sisfostwar sandra and everest and also AIDA64 but any of them gives me the motherboard's name or my PLL . so can anybody helps me pliiiiiiiiiiiizzzzz

my configuration is: hp compaq presario cq62 200sk with a T4500 doucle core 2,3 ghz( 4,6ghz) 4go RAm ( a put 2go) 250g hard disk intel GMA4500M for the GPU (1800mo) so plizzzz help me with any way possible
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  1. Unfortunately, pre-built machines tend to use generic mainboards with off-brand components. That's probably why the programs can't identify which PLL chip it uses. You likely won't be able to find out the info you need.
  2. so i have to open my computer?? and if i did will i find the PLL??
  3. You will find many many chips on the board, one of which will be the PLL chip. You'd have to know what kind of chip you're looking for though. It probably won't have "PLL" stamped on it.
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