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Would love some opinions on adding more RAM

Right now I have 4GB of OCZ Gold DDR3-12800. However, one of the stick is tested with error in memtest and I'm waiting for RMAin' it so I'm sitting @ 2Gb now

I'm thinking maybe buying some Corsair XM3 RAM with similar timing and freq. But then I will have a 8Gb computer when my RAM returns.

I am wondering if it's a good idea at all.


I usually just play FSX and school work. I'm also running dual boot Windows 7 x64 and XP x86.
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    Just be careful that you get something that matches the voltage of your existing RAM. I'm not sure which specific model of Corsair RAM you're getting, but the XMS series at 12800 look like they range from 1.6V to 1.8V, while the OCZ Gold can be 1.65V or 1.9V. If you get sticks with mismatched voltages, you can have a hell of a time getting them to work together.
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