Can I upgrade my Celeron M 380 (D) 1.6 GHz processor?

I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s7400n PC Desktop with a Celeron M 380 (D) 1.6 GHz processor. I wanted to know what avalible processor upgrades my motherboard will handle or support. The porcessor is a socket 479 just in case you were wondering, also the Pentium M series are 478 socket...are those compatable upgrades? I already contacted HP and their website and phone support said buy a new system. I like my system, I just want a new processor. Is that too much to ask? Anyway, please list any and all processor upgrades for this computer.
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  1. Your socket:


    But since you have an HP, the question that needs answering is what processors does your BIOS support? HP won't answer that for you, eh? Guess they want you to buy a new machine rather than getting a new chip off ebay.

    And they are probably correct.
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