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Last night while gaming I had a high pitched sound coming from the speakers. I restarted my computer and the sound went away but now my sound card isn't detected. I tried moving into different pci slots, still no luck. I then tried re-enabling my onboard sound and that isn't being recognized. I bought a new sound card today and my computer will still not recognize it. It this my motherboard going bad? I'm still using an AMD athlon x2 64 and a socket 939 asus motherboard. Not sure if I should just replace my motherboard with something cheap thats compatible with my cpu but I'll have to buy new memory as well since it would have to be ddr2 and my current ram is ddr. Or I can upgrade my computer to something mid range and re-use my good parts, like my power supply, case, hd, video card to save money but get something faster.
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  1. With the system off, remove the soundcard. Power up and check the device manager in the control panel of windows. It's located under system>hardware>device manager. Select each device with a mark and then "options" and uninstall each one. Then reboot with the motherboard driver cd in your optical drive. Let windows search for each device driver and reinstall it. Then check the device manager again for the same marks. See if you don't have any this time. Then power down, and try installing the soundcard again. Have the driver cd for the soundcard in your optical drive and let windows try installing the drivers again. If you still have conflicts, I would disable the onboard sound in the bios if you can, uninstall all the sound devices in the device manager, and try just installing the sound card drivers. Good luck.
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