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i am shoppin for a new laptop to play second life on been told need a dedicated card no sure any help plse
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  1. Generally, if you want to play any games on a laptop, you should get a dedicated card. Integrated graphics are ok for movie watching and streaming video, but they tend to fall way short when it comes to games.
  2. You will need a dedicated card to play any games at modest settings.

    Be careful when choosing a GPU though, none of the mobile gpu's perform as well as the desktop parts of a similar name. Sometimes the difference is stunningly large.
  3. the mobile nvidia gt130 is a very capable card for the price. I have one in my HP and i'm able to run many games at close to max settings at 13xx by 768. (exact specs escape me right now.)

    The Asus G51VX-RX05 is prolly the best gaming laptop for the price IMO. I chose the HP HDX 16-1370us because it had a better screen and looked better overall. You may want to check the acer aspire AS5739G-6132. IT has the nvidia gt130m but is about 750 US dollars.
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