9.5mm SATA blu-ray player and cd/dvd burner for laptop?

I cant seem to find one.. i picked up a $45 bluray player / cd/dvd burner on ebay used from a dell and this was before i found out there is a 12.7mm thick unit and a 9.5 think unit.. to make it worse i need slot load.. i doubt i can hack units together to make this work.. soo where do i go to find a 9.5mm SATA blu-ray player and cd/dvd burner slotload for laptop? Is there any sites that specialize in laptop parts, tiger and newegg dont have ish...
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  1. UJ232A unit from Panasonic is all i can find, its about $150 on ebay right now.. 9.5 but tray load not slot.... so maybe i can swap the techical parts out and place into the mechanical unit of a standard 9.5mm.. f it.. worth a shot
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